2023 Pool Rules
  1. All persons using the pool shall do so at THEIR OWN RISK. The club shall not be responsible for any ailments, accidents, or injuries suffered in or around the pool.
  2. All members using the pool must enter through the main gate near the outdoor kitchen and sign in.
  3. No one is permitted to use the pool at any time unless a lifeguard is on duty.
  4. The lifeguard is in complete charge of the pool area including all matters pertaining to safety, health, and conduct. The lifeguard or other members shall report any repeated infractions to the General Manager.
  5. The pool area includes the fenced in area around the pool. Children are NOT permitted outside of the fenced in pool area (Bar, Patio, Locker rooms, Bathroom) unaccompanied by an adult.
  6. Pool members and their guests must use the pool locker rooms and pool restrooms located near the pool entrance. Only golf members and their guests may use the main locker rooms located inside the clubhouse.
  7. Children in the wading pool shall be limited to no older than 8 years old and under the responsibility of their parents or guardians. They MUST always be attended by an adult. They are not to be considered under supervision of the lifeguard. Babies must wear diapers in the baby pool.
  8. Children wearing diapers or swim diapers are not permitted in the main pool. (Reminder: children must be potty trained to avoid accidents resulting in the pool being closed for other members). Children are not allowed in the deep end section of the pool until they have passed a basic swim test. Each test must be administered by a lifeguard.
  9. Children must not loiter any time in the locker rooms. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the locker rooms unless accompanied by an adult. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult or guardian when changing or showering. At no time shall children be playing or running in the locker rooms. Any infractions will be monitored and addressed by the manager on duty who shall bring it to the parent or guardian’s attention for corrective action. Continuing infractions will be reported to the General Manager.
  10. Food and beverages must be purchased at the club. Absolutely no food or beverages are to be brought from the outside. Parents may bring snacks for toddlers only, such as cheerios, etc. Snacks are available for purchase.
  11. There is no running in the outdoor space or kitchen area. NO ONE is permitted behind the kitchen, in the pond area or behind the bar.
  12. Absolutely NO GLASS containers of any kind may be brought into the pool area. Lotions etc. are to be carried in unbreakable containers.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in the pool area.
  14. Only club-owned chairs will be permitted in the pool area. Chairs & tables in the pool area are to be used on a first come, first basis. They may not be reserved.
  15. No baby carriages, baby furniture, etc. shall be placed in the pool area. Please keep all such items in the grass area away from the pool.
  16. Proper cover-ups and footwear are required anywhere outside of the fenced in pool area. This included locker rooms and parking lots. Proper dress is required inside the clubhouse and golf areas.
  17. Please bring your own towels as no Crestwood Club towels are allowed in the pool area. Towels in the locker rooms are reserved for bathing and indoor use only.
  18. No rough play or running is permitted in the pool area.
  19. No pets are permitted in the pool area.
  20. Any complaints should be made to the management. Please refer to rule #4
  1. Guests will be charged a $10 guest fee per day.
  2. Guests may not sign themselves in without being accompanied and registered by a member.
  3. Conduct of a guest is the direct responsibility of the registered member. A guest may be removed from the pool area for misconduct.
  4.  Your member number is exclusive to your membership and is not to be given out to nonmembers for use of the facilities.